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Membership to Antonine Credit Union is open to everyone who resides or works in the North Lanarkshire area or lives in the same household as someone who does.

As a financial co-operative, anyone aged 16 or over opening a savings account with us becomes a Member. Anyone up to the age of 15 years of age can open a Junior Savers Account, with us.

Find out more information about our Junior Saver Accounts here.



Joining is simple and straightforward!

joinjpgTo apply to  become a member;

1) Complete an application form

Get in touch with us for a copy of our Membership Application  Form. Once received, fill out the required information on both sides  of the form, or you can come into the office with your ID and  complete one when you arrive.

2) Lookout the required ID

Look for the necessary ID required to be provided to us in order to  process your application.

We require at least 1 from each row below;

1) Proof of Address: Driving Licence, Utility Bill, Bank/ Credit Card  Statement, Council Tax Bill, Benefits/DWP Letter, Equifax Report

2) Proof of Identity: Passport, Driving Licence, Scottish Govt. Bus Pass,  Birth Certificate, Young Scot Card

3) Visit our office

Come along to our office when it is open to finish the application  process. Don't forget to bring your ID and fill out your membership  application form. No appointment is needed.

4) Deposit Funds

We charge an annual fee of £5 to help cover the costs of providing  your account and also require our members to have a  minimum share balance of £5 to keep their account active. This  means that when opening your account, you need to bring or  deposit £10.

5) Save Regularly

Once you have visited our office and your application has been  checked and approved, your account will then be opened. Now you  can save regularly with us; we recommend members save at least  £1 per month. Where eligible, subject to application and checks,  you may also be able to borrow from us.

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