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Junior Savers Accounts

Everyone appreciates the many benefits there are, when encouraging children to begin learning about money and saving at an early age.


That's why here at Antonine Credit Union, we've developed our Junior Savers Accounts.

Just like regular savings accounts available from us, these are designed for children under 16, who live, work or attend school within the North Lanarkshire area and whose parent or legal guardian wish to support their children's desire to save.

Accounts are generally held by a trustee (normally a parent or guardian) for opening and operation. When the child reaches sixteen, their membership automatically converts to an adult status and trusteeship will end.

It's important for young people to learn the value of saving regularly from an early age, learning money management skills that will help set them up for adult life.

Opening a Junior Savers Account with us, means your child can save, via a school savings club (within participating school partners), directly into their account with us at our office or by standing order or BACS.

Just like an adult account, we require a completed application form along with some additional ID. Application forms can be picked up from our office.

Please ensure that you have:-

Completed and signed the application form yourself, obtained the child's signature if applicable. 

For Money Laundering Purposes, as required by the Financial Conduct Authority, please also provide

Photographic ID, for example; passport or driving licence.

Proof of Address, for example; utility bill, or bank statement (under 3 months old)

For the child member we need to see just one document from the following;

* Full Birth Certificate * Passport or * National health card